Our commitments & values

100% French manufacturing

Biorniz colloidal solutions are manufactured in our own production plant, "Biorniz Factory", located in western France, between Rennes and Angers.

The importance of glass

Biorniz laboratories have developed a unique manufacturing process with tailor-made glass tanks, rare in the field of food supplements and cosmetic products.

In addition, Biorniz products are packaged in amber glass bottles, of pharmaceutical quality and infinite recyclable. Glass thus makes it possible to obtain quality, environmentally friendly products.

Recyclable cardboard for eco-designed products

If glass is a first choice material to condition colloidal solutions, it requires cardboard packaging to ensure transport in good conditions. Thus, to ship its glass bottles, Biorniz has chosen recycled and recyclable cardboard cases. This is how from production to shipping, everything was thought of at Biorniz to actively participate in the preservation of the environment.