The BIORNIZ Expertise

The BIORNIZ Electrolysis

Produced by electrolysis, based on Bioréactivante® Water, the colloidal solutions of BIORNIZ Laboratories are characterized by a very high purity since they contain only ions and colloids. No additives or preservatives, for effective and 100% natural products.

A Unique Manufacturing Process

If the principle of electrolysis appears simple, it remains difficult to produce stable and very high quality colloidal solutions. To achieve this, BIORNIZ laboratories have developed a unique production method, which adapts to the physico-chemical properties of each trace element.

What is Bioréactivante® Water?

This is the ultra-Pure type 1 water that we rework in the laboratory before proceeding with electrolysis in order to restore its virtues, in particular its bioavailability properties. Because ultra-pure water is "devitalized", BIORNIZ laboratories have developed a process allowing this water to be "bioreactivating" to make it 100%bioavailable.