Colloidal Silver 15 ppm
Colloidal Silver 15 ppm
Colloidal Silver 15 ppm
Colloidal Silver 15 ppm

Colloidal Silver 15 ppm

The Colloidal Silver of BIORNIZ Laboratories is distinguished by a very high level of purity. Concentrated at 15 ppm (15 mg/L), this solution provides the antibacterial and invigorating benefits of silver in the form of ions and colloids. 

The antibacterial properties of silver have been known for centuries since the Egyptians used silver to preserve their food. 

Colloidal Silver is now making a strong comeback and is very popular with all those who want a 100% natural approach to Beauty & Wellness.

With Colloidal Silver, reinvent your Beauty Routine towards more naturalness. 

Colloidal silver is a great ally for all daily ailments and can be used as a preventive measure, as part of a daily beauty routine (cleaning the skin, removing make-up, etc.) for example, or as a preventive measure in case of cuts, burns, to soothe a wound, etc.

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The Colloidal Silver of BIORNIZ Laboratories, named "SILVERCOL", is manufactured by electrolysis. The electric way is indeed a method of choice for the production of colloidal silver: excellent stability, long conservation, maximum quality.

In addition to electrolysis, BIORNIZ Laboratories have chosen amber glass bottles to package colloidal silver, which also contributes to the effectiveness and quality of the colloidal solution. Because quality is our priority at BIORNIZ, the colloidal silver production tanks are also made of glass and custom-made, which is very rare in the field of cosmetics. Thus, the risk of releasing plastic or stainless steel micro-particles in the colloidal silver is avoided thanks to this 100% glass process.

Colloidal Silver

Apply or spray colloidal silver on sensitive areas.

Store in a dark place at room temperature. Never dilute colloidal silver. Do not use metal utensils.