Our Philosophy

Biorniz laboratories specialize in developing 100% colloidal and natural solutions.
Biorniz, a new approach to beauty & well-being

At Biorniz, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty & well-being.

We thus reinvent your beauty & well-being routines by offering innovative food and cosmetic supplements formulated exclusively from liquid trace elements, for maximum purity.

"My conviction? The skin is also a reflection of what is happening inside. "

Léo-Pol Le Borgne, founder of the Biorniz laboratories

Present in its natural state in our body, trace elements are essential. Unfortunately, for several decades, in particular because of the impoverishment of soils and an increasingly industrialized diet, the contributions of trace elements have decreased considerably, resulting in strong deficiencies.

Thanks to the Biorniz liquid trace elements, get the highly assimilable intake your body needs.